Notes for running a sprint demo using google hangout

Continuing the discussion from Developing the "OCL for OpenMRS" Application:

@waweru and others, here are some points to keep in mind when you’re running a sprint demo using google hangouts:

  • when you edit a talk post, this does not send out notifications to people, therefore if you edit your sprint announcement talk post to add/change the hangout URL, you also need to post a new message in the thread saying “the hangout url is now xyz”.

  • if the URL only becomes available at the last minute (e.g. when you make the hangout on air live) then share it on the OpenMRS IRC/Telegram chat

  • it seems there’s a limit of 10 people who can join the video call (and Wyclif was blocked out today). Someone should research our options on this. At the very least I assume that hangout on air gives you a public listen-only url, and this should be shared on the IRC/Telegram chat.

  • think of the demo as a showcase to the client/users that you’re building the software for, and assume that (1) some people will have their only exposure to the project through these demos, (2) some people will care about the details of the software development process, but others won’t. Specifically as compared to today’s OCL demo, I would:

    • should have more introduction about the overall project and where you are at in the project
    • ideally you can end by saying “in the next sprint we will work on the following end-user-visible features”
    • treat the “retrospective” part as more of an internal conversation, i.e. say “we’re done with the demo portion, and now we’re going to have a retrospective, so people are free to drop off”
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Thank you for the insights @darius