Not showingup Digital X-ray( Oviyam2) After Chrome 85 update

Hi All Not showingup Digital X-ray( Oviyam2) After Chrome 85 update, Chrome 84 version is working fine.

chrome inspect showing error : [Deprecation] Application Cache API manifest selection is deprecated and will be removed in M85, around August 2020. See for more details. viewer.html?patientID=GAN289734&studyUID=1.2.826.0.1.3680043.9.6039.ORD-3559118.1:1 Creating Application Cache with manifest viewer.html?patientID=GAN289734&studyUID=1.2.826.0.1.3680043.9.6039.ORD-3559118.1:1 Application Cache Checking event viewer.html?patientID=GAN289734&studyUID=1.2.826.0.1.3680043.9.6039.ORD-3559118.1:159 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘oncached’ of undefined at viewer.html?patientID=GAN289734&studyUID=1.2.826.0.1.3680043.9.6039.ORD-3559118.1:159 viewer.html?patientID=GAN289734&studyUID=1.2.826.0.1.3680043.9.6039.ORD-3559118.1:1 Application Cache Error event: Invalid or missing manifest origin trial token: viewer.html?patientID=GAN289734&studyUID=1.2.826.0.1.3680043.9.6039.ORD-3559118.1:152 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘addEventListener’ of undefined at window.onload (viewer.html?patientID=GAN289734&studyUID=1.2.826.0.1.3680043.9.6039.ORD-3559118.1:152)

please help.

I have 86. Seems to work. Try reloading and cleaning up cache. We are little tied up this week with the 0.93 release and the OMRS 2020 conference. We will try to replicate this on 0.93. Please bear with us

Thanks to reply I have use bahmni 0.91, I try to many type 5 window PC, already browser reloading and cleaning up cache. this issue is chrome 85 and upgraded version, only working chrome 84 and before version.

Hi, I just tried to reproduce the issue on demo. ( 2 points

  1. Noticed that the orders are not flowing from openrms to dcm4chee. There are some failed events. Can someone take a look at that.
  2. What is the process to simulate the dicom upload step on demo (so that oviyam can be tried out). Was that simulator setup?

This the error i am seeing on the chrome console. Looks like oviyam uses app cache which is deprecated by chrome in favour of service workers.

May be we should upgrade the oviyam packaged with Bahmni. But first, wanted to reproduce this issue on demo.

@arjun will check this. OVIYAM should work. Need to investigate further.

btw, I feel we should move to OHIF viewer instead of OVIYAM. its so much better. but thats another topic.

@buvaneswariarun ^


OHIF viewer is much better. It’d greatly add value to Bahmni PACS functionality. Looking forward to that (as a user).

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Hi Anghsu, were you able to check on this? JSS is still facing this issue. They are installing an old version of browser whenever the browser upgrades. And now they report the issue has also started to happen on iPAD 9. It would be good to set this up on Demo so that anyone can try to reproduce there and report bug pointing to it. Also, I am wondering how are other implementations managing it.

@arjun will check. I will try to replicate on local first


  1. Was not able to view in Firefox (v 89.0) - not getting any error as well … just spinner!
  2. Was able to view in Safari - Version 13.1.2 (15609.
  3. Not yet tested on Chrome.


Were you able to run OHIF viewer with Bahmni’s dcm4chee 2.18.1 ? If Yes, what OHIF config values did you used.

Your input would be helpful. Thanks

Upgrading to OVIYAM2.8.1 solves the problem. Upcoming Bahmni 0.93 will come with the upgraded OVIYAM2 viewer. However, for older versions, a manual process needs to be followed. Once, we have tested/verified it enough, I will update WIKI and cross post the link here.

Thanks to @user007 for helping with the investigations and resolution.

@arjun @user007 please check

latest Oviyam (2.8.1) is installed there, and we are able to view radiology images directly from Bahmni as well as from Oviyam viewer.

Try checking for a patient “Rufus Rath” - has a radiology test “Chest PA” …

@angshuonline @arjun I checked it and I was able to view dicom from Bahmni and Oviyam perfectly fine.

However, I want to report a severe bug regarding oviyam,

1.) Lets say,if we place multiple radiology orders for a patient with order number ORD-01[Chest-PA] & ORD-02[Leg-Xray] so the dicom which is shown against an order number(accession sumber) is always the one which is first uploaded against any order irrespective of quried order number in oviyam URL. Means if we uploaded a dicom for ORD-02 first and then for ORD-01, oviyam is showing dicom for ORD-02 in ORD-01 for that patient and all other orders as well(if they exist).

2.)Also if we try to query using any order number(even if its invalid for that patient identifier) its still showing the first dicom uploaded against that patient for any order number.
Like for the case of “Rufus Rath” the valid dicom url is
but try hitting with any other random order number,ideally it should show null in oviyam viwer but its showing the first dicom uploaded aginst that patient
Examples of invalid URL’s,

1.)I tried using other dicoms for different order by rebuilding Pacs_Simulator with new sample dicom inside resources folder
2.) I am able to view the new dicom from oviyam dashboard successfully. Problem only rise if we try to query using parameters patient identifier and accession number

you see this behavior when you use DCMSND commmand to upload dicom files? if you are using. the generator from Bahmni utilities (pacs simulator), then know that there are only couple of files in there, and even thought it picks randomly … there is a still a very high chance to get the same file. The new pacs-simulator has capability to pass a dicom file as argument. Maybe worth trying out with that.

Also posting to Oviyam2 may help.

from the above Oviyam thread,as of 19-July-2021 discussion the oviyam team has taken this issue into account and have stated they will be working into resolving this in their next update.

Meanwhile there have been suggestions to use the query parameters “studyUID” instead of “patientID” and “accessionNumber” to fetch dicoms in the existing oviyam viewer URL which I have tested it personally and found that to be working.

Can we get this working with Bahmni, any thoughts on this?

The only problem I see is to fetch the required study UID against the accessionNumber for a patientId from dcm4chee pacs server for which I couldnt find any possible way.

is this a bug on Oviyam 2.8.1? if yes, then can we downgrade? Regarding using studyID - well, EMR does not know that. AccessionNumber gets generated earlier than a study instance creation. We need to check if Dcm4chee has any API that can provide the studyID given patientId and accessionNumber.