Not allowing to create providers in Manage Providers

Application Name: Bahmni Version Number: 0.90 Question: I just installed Bahmni Vagrant Box version 0.90 I intend to create new providers needed for appointment schedule. I opened OpenMRS application, clicked on Adminstration- Providers-Manage Providers. It is showing up error: A javascript error has occurred: The full stacktrace for this error can usually be found in your server’s error logs. Hide error.

I went a head to create providers. and add providers - although entering the persons name - I am being asked to enter the person name.

I am unable to go ahead in creating new providers

I tried in demo.mybahmni machine , same is showing up even there.

Could you please help.

Regards Jayasri


I found the way to create Providers and successfully able to create it.

Go to OpenMRS->Administration-> Manage Users.

Create the Provider as a User first and mark the user to create a Provider account, assign the role and save the user. Then go to Manage Provider, click on Add Provider -> type the user name in person field, system will auto populate the provider name, select and save.

You can now see the Provider in appointment scheduling module

However the javascript error still exists.

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