Non unique concept name

Hello! We are trying to create an ampath form with several sections, and every section must have own “Notes” field. The problem is when we try to create a 2 concepts with different uuid but same name, we’ve got a duplicate name error. We tryed to use Synonyms, but to be displayed it need to be a Primary synonym, and we receipt the duplication name error (two concepts with the same synonyms) in this case too. Do we have a different way how to handle forms with same name fields?


Every fully specified and preferred name (for a single language / locale) must be unique. You can have a name which is a synonym on a concept which is a fully specified or preferred name on another concept.

As an example ARV could be a synonym on 2 different concepts: Antiretroviral and Anti-rabies vaccine. Many examples of this.

As I see, we could have ARV synonym on two or more concepts only if it not Preferred. And in this case this name will not be displayed. And this is a problem in our case, beucase we want to have several same name concepts in the one form but in different sections.

This is different in OpenMRS than in Bahmni, I believe. You can reuse a concept, but in your case you need to include the “Note” field inside another set concept. If you are using notes to capture sections of a narrative document, such as the SOAP sections, then you need different concepts for each section (this is also because they have different LOINC codes. If you are just adding a note to an existing question, then you would create a conv set to capture the question plus the re-used note field. This way the concept ID for note is repeated but is stored in a different OBS group.

If you want to share your form, we can better provide concept-mapping feedback.

Can you please provide some examples? Demo config

Hi again, can we please discuss this issue more? I’m pretty sure it’s a common thing to have repeating names in medical forms. Complex forms often have multiple fields like “Note” or “Time”. Currently we are forced to add something to the names which is completely NOT an optimal solution. Is there a simple way to have different concepts with same field names?

@rsytnik The form might have multiple places with “note” or “time” but uses different concepts (ie. clinical notes, eeg finding notes). The form should have the ability to use a concept and specify a different label for that field/observation. You said you are using AMPATH? It’s not about adding concept names/synonyms.

Hello! AMPATH is forms UI. But problem, as I mentioned before, in that that we could not create a concept with the same name. Because when we import that concept, the error appears

org.openmrs.api.DuplicateConceptNameException: ‘לא תקין’ is a duplicate name in locale ‘iw’

After some investigation, I’ve found, it checks FQN or Primary Synonym (if it not primary, all is ok but that name is not present on UI).