Nominate September 2018 Volunteer of the Month

Hey Community Members:

We are reviving the Volunteer of the Month and as a start, we are re-opening the nomination process. Below is a google form for you to fill out the details of the individual you wish to nominate. As per the norm, please consider how this nominee had been a benefit to the community as evidenced by:

  • Ongoing consistent contribution throughout the year
  • Response to a specific identified need
  • Leading an initiative/ development cycle
  • Other submitted description
  • Contribution is beyond the normal expectations of a community member

Please make your submissions by 27th Aug 2018. The announcement will be made in the first week of September.


A reminder that prior VOTMs (volunteers of the month) can be seen at If you have a couple people in mind and one of them has already received this honor, then it could help you choose to nominate the other. :slight_smile:

Hey @burke, the list is missing the 2018 volunteers.

Oh. Apparently they weren’t granted the badge! I can help fix that. Can you point me to the list of volunteers so far in 2018 and I’ll make sure they get the VOTM badge?

Update: Nevermind. I found them and updated the badges. Hopefully everyone who has been a VOTM in the past now has the badge.