Nominate mentors to attend GSOC mentor summit!

Hi everyone,

As GSOC wraps up, its time to start thinking about the GSOC mentor summit. Every year, mentors from participating organizations visit Google’s Mountain View, CA headquarters to participate in the GSoC Mentor Summit—a three day meeting of mentors and organization administrators.

Each org is permitted two mentors to attend. Students and mentors, you’re invited to nominate GSOC mentors to represent OpenMRS at the summit.

How to nominate? please PM me, and tell me the following -

  • Who you’re nominating?
  • Why you think this person should attend

Disclaimer: Your opinion is important, but the ultimate selection will also depend on funding restraints. Google allocates us a certain amount of money for the trip, so we do need to figure out travel costs and practical restrictions.


The list of mentors is available here: