Nominate January's Volunteer of the Month!

Volunteer of the Month is back! It’s time for you to tell us who you think should be January’s Volunteer of the Month. Below you’ll find a link to a Google Form that you can fill out and explain why you are nominating that individual.

Please consider how this nominee had been a benefit to the community as evidenced by: • Ongoing consistent contribution throughout the year • Response to a specific identified need • Leading an initiative/ development cycle • Other submitted description • Contribution is beyond the normal expectations of a community member

This isn’t limited to someone’s contributions during the month - we want to recognize the overall time and effort that someone spends supporting our community.

Please make your submissions before the end of this month, preferably before the 21st if you can!

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So far, we have 10 nominations for January’s Volunteer of the Month. Please take 5 minutes to click on the link above and tell us about that special community member who has gone above and beyond to serve the community.