Nominatations Now Open For August Volunteer of the Month!

It’s the beginning of August - which means that it’s time to submit your nominations for Volunteer of the Month! You can use the Google Form below to make your submission.

Take two minutes and think about our community. Who comes to mind when it comes to:

  • Making an ongoing and consistent contribution throughout the year
  • Responding to a specific identified need
  • Leading an initiative/ development cycle
  • Contributing beyond the normal expectations of a community member

There are so many amazing volunteers! Feel free to nominate more than one person if you feel there is more than one person who deserves it.

Please make your submissions before the end of this month!

There is so much good work going on in the community right now…Makes me wonder: who will be August’s Volunteer of the Month? Will it be one of the GSoC students? One of their mentors? Someone who has gone the extra mile to make the Bahmni 0.92 release possible? Or someone on the Microfrontend Squad?

If you have someone in mind for August’s Volunteer of the Month, now is your chance to recognize their efforts. Simply click on the Google Form below and enter their name along with a reason (or two) for nominating them.