No serializer found for class org.springframework.validation.DefaultMessageCodesResolver


While working on [RESTWS-856] End Point: Concept Attribute Types create Test - OpenMRS Issues … using Postman with /openmrs/ws/rest/v1/conceptattributetype throws Error …Its does not create the conceptattributetype…Yet it updates /openmrs/ws/rest/v1/conceptattributetype/{uuid}

Error thrown is

Pastebin - No serializer found for …

Url -

The method used - POST

Json -

  "name": "Time Span",
  "description": "Dummy description update",
  "datatypeClassname": "org.openmrs.customdatatype.datatype.LongFreeTextDatatype",
  "minOccurs": 0,
  "maxOccurs": 1,
  "datatypeConfig": "default",
  "preferredHandlerClassname": "org.openmrs.web.attribute.handler.LongFreeTextTextareaHandler",
  "handlerConfig": null

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@jonathan are all your changes committed?

  1. For long stack traces, it would be great to use tools like
  2. It also greatly helps to provide the full server logs as per the message above: Note The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the server logs.
  3. Include all details in the REST call that you are trying to make with all parameters, if any, and POST data, if any, etc.
  4. Mention the versions of the OpenMRS platform and webservices REST module that you are using.

not yet…still trying it locally

Updated @dkayiwa thank for the guide I appreciate