No events for bacteriology/micro-biology obs when edited from display controls

There are no events published to event_records table when observations are edited from bacteriology display control. It is observed that the API used to update bacteriology observations from the display control is different from the API used to save from the consultation page.

API used in consultation page(encounter data) where events are raised:

API used when bacteriology obs updated from bacteriology display control:

Looks like above(the second one) API is not generating events.

It is better to use the same API (bahmniencounter) even in display-control since other display controls also work in same way (eg: obs, edit forms) also it generates events.

@angshuonline @mksrom @kirity @binduak @vmalini @swedhan

The above mentioned issue got fixed as part of the below JIRA card and changes will available from Bahmni 0.93 version

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