No drugs found on New drug order form in Order Entry UI owa

Hello everyone,

I want use drug order functionality in my openmrs project, so I added Order Entry UI module and Owa. I have configured all the things mentioned in the openmrs documentation, but in new drug order form I am not able to fetch drugs, the screenshot is mentioned below:-

What should I do to get drugs in suggestions when I search any of them ?

is this be of help Order Entry UI Administrator Guide - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

I followed the same documentation but not able to fetch drugs.

Do I need to do some more configuration or need to add some metadata ?

is that drug paracentamol part of your drugs in concept dictionary

Try out this config just incase you didnt at first and let us know if that get you working Home ➔ System Administration ➔ Manage Global Properties

order.drugDispensingUnitsConceptUuid ➔ 162402AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

order.drugDosingUnitsConceptUuid ➔ 162384AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

order.drugRoutesConceptUuid ➔ 162394AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


ok. Let me check.

I have checked this configurations in my project. They are same as you have mentioned.

How about this, is paracentamol drug defined ,

No it is not defined. I just typed it in the search box because I saw Paracetamol in the Order Entry Documentation video.

First add that drug in the concept dictionary may be it could be not available

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I have added some drugs in the db and it worked.

Thanks @sharif

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