No default Visit Type in Demo web site

Finally after many attempts I have OpenMRS installed on a laptop, iPhone and hopefully soon my iPad (when I get it to accept the common web link). The drivers to make it functional are for myself and a colleague who works in Nauru and Tanzania and he has been asking for me to show him how OpenMRS ‘works’. With the Demo version I was trying to enter a patient visit and I have found that there are no dropdown values for “Visit Type”. Because of this any subsequent data relevant to the visit are not accepted. I checked in the guide and there does not seem to be any clear instructions as to how to create a Visit Type. Am I missing something?

Good news. After a review of what I was doing and with assistance from my IT support I have now learnt how to populate my own Visit Type list. So that is good news. I hope this ends this problem for me.

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Here is the screen dump of the Errors I get when testing to enter a new visit in the Demo version of OpenMRS. I tried to see if I could “create” a visit type in the Administrator module but I had no success.Visit Errors.docx (202.9 KB)