Next major version of htmlformentry, compatible with 2.1.0+

Hi all,

During the course of some recent work, we have been trying to improve the test coverage of the htmlformentry module, specifically to ensure that the module is able to successfully build and test against all of the latest versions of OpenMRS that have been released. However, the maintenance and complexity of this is significant, and a decision has been made to start the next major release line of htmlformentry (4.x) which will have a minimum OpenMRS version requirement of 2.1.0.

For those who rely upon htmlformentry and are still running a version of OpenMRS that is earlier than 2.1.0, a maintenance branch of htmlformentry will be available for applying bug fixes, and for cutting minor and maintenance releases as needed.

For those interested, the work to update htmlformentry to successfully build and test against the 2.1.0+ line of OpenMRS can be found here:

CI plan (currently building off of the 4.x branch) that builds on 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 can be found here:

If anyone has any feedback to share on this plan, please do so asap, as we hope to merge in this work in the coming days.

Best, Mike

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Thanks @mseaton for taking on this task! I’m fully in support of this.

It’s nice to support older versions of OpenMRS, but, in general, we only support versions of Core 2 major releases back, and the fact that all the HTML Form Entry tests were still building and testing against 1.9.x was becoming a significant liability in terms of making sure HFE is still working correctly against the most recent versions of OpenMRS Core.

Take care, Mark

thanks @mseaton for leading out on this :+1:,

i fully support the decision made hear coz their are few or no implementations out there still supporting core versions prior to 2.x

Fair enough! :slight_smile: