Next Jira Graveyard coming Sept 12 2022 (EDIT: COMPLETED Oct 10 2022)

**tl;dr: Today, notifications have been sent out for all issues that haven’t been updated in >1 year and those ~180 issues have been labelled as Graveyard_CANDIDATE.

During part of the TAC call on Sept 12, I will publicly coach PM Fellows @suruchi & @tendayi.mutangadura through our Jira Graveyard process (and anyone can join to watch & understand or voice concerns).

Please have a look at the issues that would be affected here and add a comment to any issues you’d like to keep open. (You’ll need to remove the “Graveyard_CANDIDATE” label as well.)

Here’s a good example of a helpful comment from @ibacher here:

Our average issue age is >630 days. We’d still like to see this be <1 year.

On Sept 12, we’ll close all issues labelled Graveyard_CANDIDATE as “Won’t Fix”, and re-label them as “Graveyard-2022-09”. If someone wants to re-open an issue later, they can still do so.


(FYI @dkayiwa I tagged you on a fair number - I manually reviewed every single graveyard-eligible ticket that was marked blocker, must, or community-priority. I thought there were several that could be either good intro tickets or great for some fellows to pick up.

Thanks @grace for the graveyard_candidate update probably this will bring those issues back.

@grace thank you. I would like to know the time for TAC call so that i save it on my calendar .

@mumbere FWIW you can see all OpenMRS Community calls & times etc at: Events & Meetings (OpenMRS Calendar) - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki

@grace thank you for that direction

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@joshua take note

Hi Community - since this wasn’t finished on the TAC call on Sept 12, today I completed this together with Tendayi and recorded the steps for you.

These 242 issues/sub-issues were closed.

You can see how this improved our growing backlog (note the plummet at the end) :slight_smile:


Part 1

Part 2