Newbie in OpenMRS Development - Which to install?

Question: Hi, I’m new to OpenMRS (and Java, Maven, etc), and I’ve been checking out the different tutorials and step-by-step instructions online from the OpenMRS wiki. I’m still really confused on where to begin, and one problem I’ve been encountering is that some of the tutorials like the one from OpenMRS University youtube seems a bit outdated compared to the versions indicated here:

I see that there’s OpenMRS standalone (I already installed this successfully), OpenMRS SDK (can’t get this to work), and OpenMRS Core (Tried following the instructions in the Step by Step Installation for Developers wiki and here: but when I followed the Git IDE Integration, I get around 166 errors, mostly Maven dependency problems. I think this has something to do with the fact that I’m using Eclipse Luna 4.4 (Like what’s indicated in the step-by-step instructions) but the m2e connectors aren’t available for it (can’t find them in marketplace, and I’ve tried other approaches but to no avail).

I’m also confused: What is the OpenMRS “Reference Application” exactly? How is it different from the standalone, etc?

Anyway, here’s my actual MAIN question. All that I want to do is to customize openMRS for a product I’m developing. Like I have a plan on how the UI will look like, what the functions and stuff are that I need, etc. Which OpenMRS form is most appropriate for me? And is there a better step-by-step instruction for developers? Like where to start? Like maybe a sample “hello world” exercise or exercises? I’ve been really confused and checking out different resources but I just don’t quite understand how OpenMRS works and how I can customize it.

Thank you so much to anyone who can help or send me useful sites and links. Basically I think what I’m looking for is an OpenMRS Development “Crash course” similar to ones in Coursera / edX, etc for other programming languages.


@giasantos You are very welcome to this community…You will find help from a pool of members can you please previous read through posts on this thread you will find links i posted onto other peoples’ slots.If you cant then get back i’ll show you thanks.

Hello @giasantos, and welcome to OpenMRS To get started as an OMRS developer, I’ll suggest you read the OpenMRS Developer Manual right here:

And if you still can’t totally figure out everything. Join our IRC channel and ask questions (#openmrs on Freenode) :slight_smile:

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Hi @grimm Thank you so much for the response!

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