New Wiki space for modules?

We’re considering creating a separate “space” on the OpenMRS Wiki for add-on module documentation. What does everyone think of the idea?

Each module owner could create a top-level page and child pages for their module’s documentation. This will help clean up the “Documentation” space and allow it to focus on the core OpenMRS Platform product. The idea is to have more space with less content in each space, so people aren’t quite as overwhelmed with the number of pages in the space.

The “Modules” space would be available from the left-column navigation, and all the content would remain searchable.

If anyone has suggestions for or against this idea, or other ideas about how to clean up the documentation space for add-on modules, please reply to this topic. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Am I right if I understood that this is basically a way of specifically identifying documentation for OpenMRS modules as such? Basically, what you’d do is take the existing documentation, and move them into a new space that specifically identifies them as modules?

That’s correct – move module pages to their own space, and categorize/structure the tree to have 1 first-level page for each module, and “unlimited” children page beneath that.

I can get behind this.