New Version of OpenMRS OWA Generator 💊

We are glad to announce that a new version (v0.6.0) of the OpenMRS OWA Generator has been released. :tada: :dizzy: It includes some styling improvements as well as the following features (in case of AngularJs) :

** A patient create component which is designed to work in all the conditions. ** Use of onField Validations (as per the OpenMRS Style Guide) . ** Use of error and success summaries at the top. ** Proper functioning of breadcrumbs similar to the core-apps. ** Demonstration to the use of ui-routing with ui-sref.

One can try the new version at :point_right:


This is awesome! :slight_smile: Does it use the new openmrs license header (v2 instead of v1) in the files it generates?


yes @dkayiwa Its already been done by @chibujax2 in this commit

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This release is thanks to the great work done by @ankitkumar during GSoC! :clap:

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