New version of CIEL dictionary added to dropbox for April 12, 2015

Just wanted to let folks know that I am posting a new version of the CIEL concept dictionary in the dropbox with versions from 1.6.6 to 1.11.0 (2.1).

Can I please remind everyone using the CIEL dictionary that this is a trust model. We are providing the service to the community and the community assists by providing concepts they require back to CIEL. This also includes translation of CIEL concepts into other languages. If you have added concepts to your dictionary and have not reported them back to CIEL, I strongly encourage you to do so (if guilt doesn’t work, then I will start to harass you :).

If this is the first time you are hearing about the MVP/CIEL concept dictionary which now comes as a standard option with the standalone appliance, you can get updates from the CIEL dropbox. You can send me an email describing your openmrs implementation, version number, country and project… and I will add you to the dropbox.

Be sure to read the wiki:


This version includes the global property ciel.conceptsVersion which contains the date of the release in YYYYMMDD format.

This release has new concepts added for the reference application, and PIH HUM. Quite a few French translations were added to existing concepts.

It also includes a separate drug table which contains all of the WHO essential medication list drugs linked to the concept table. The plan is to integrate these two more closely providing concept sets of drugs which parallel the WHO classifications. The drug table may eventually become a superset of international RxNorm encoded medications from which you can select from. For now, it is just the WHO EML. We will keep the SQL separate for now so that you don’t have to overwrite your local drug table when importing the CIEL concept dictionary.

The drug table was NOT updated for this release, but will be updated in next release with more formulations.

Concepts added for this release:

concept_id	name	Class	Datatype	description
162941	Acanthosis nigricans 	Diagnosis	N/A	\N
162940	Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation	Finding	N/A	\N
162939	Secondary impetiginization	Diagnosis	N/A	The occurrence of impetigo by infection of an area of preexisting dermatosis.
162939	Impetiginisation	Diagnosis	N/A	The occurrence of impetigo by infection of an area of preexisting dermatosis.
162938	Latent labor	Finding	N/A	Time between onset of labour extending to the onset of active labour approximately at 4 cm 
162937	Open non-healing wound	Diagnosis	N/A	\N
162936	Jehovah's Witness religion	Misc	N/A	\N
162936	Jehovah's witness	Misc	N/A	\N
162935	Adventist	Misc	N/A	\N
162935	Seventh Day Adventist religion	Misc	N/A	\N
162934	Pentecostal	Misc	N/A	\N
162934	Pentecostal religion	Misc	N/A	\N
162933	Islam	Misc	N/A	\N
162933	Muslim religion	Misc	N/A	\N
162932	Baptist	Misc	N/A	\N
162932	Baptist religion	Misc	N/A	\N
162931	Catholic	Misc	N/A	\N
162931	Catholic religion	Misc	N/A	\N
162930	Voodoo	Misc	N/A	\N
162929	Religion	Question	Coded	\N
162929	Religious affiliation	Question	Coded	\N

Be sure to let me know if there are any issues with these data files and let me know if you need new concepts or mappings.