New Topics /Projects for the Andela Team to work on.

Hey Everyone

We are currently looking to implementer to please propose new pieces of work that the Andela interns can work on.

Please do reach out to me @c.antwi or @dkayiwa if you have any interesting pieces of work.


It would be great if the team could finish up Condition List functionality. I think 1 or 2 sprints should be enough for this to be implementable. I know at PIH we would use this right away.

Everything left to do is pretty much already scoped out here:

fyi @c.antwi, @dkayiwa, @ball


+1 to finishing condition lists.

+1 condition list finishing.

@ddesimone a number of these tickets are still in the back log. Does that mean they are not yet ready for development?

Hi There @ddesimone Would you be able to provide more information regards @dkayiwa question? Is there anything I can help move this process?