New Ticket Approval

I wanted to know who approves that we can work on a particular ticket or not in Android client project. As I am new to openMrs. I created a ticket AC-1060 and wanted someone who can tell me If I can work on it or not.

You can assign the ticket to yourself by clicking “Assign to me”. You can learn about PR process from here Pull Request Tips - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki.

Ok so no one will approve first that the task mentioned in ticket is valid or not. It will only be verified once PR is created. Did I got it right?

Also can’t see option to move this ticket to In Progress/Under development. As the ticket status is Needs Assessment. So my question was who will approve this

@sudhanshu could you share the url to the ticket?

@dkayiwa could you help and put a comment on the ticket?

Am not in charge of the android client project. Have you assigned it any mentors?

We do not have any project idea around android client. The list of available project ideas this year is documented at Summer of Code 2023 - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki