New proposed build and deployment process for OWAs

Continuing the discussion from CI within OpenMRS - Bamboo vs Travis vs GitHub Actions vs Azure Pipelines:

Over the past day, I’ve taken on the task of moving from Travis and Bintray to a new approach that evolves Github Actions and our Maven Repository. This aims to solve the two issues that have recently been raised:

  1. Moving off of Travis
  2. Moving off of Bintray

The new jobs do the following:

  1. Build and test PRs
  2. Build and test new commits to the main branch
  3. If new commits to the main branch are for SNAPSHOT versions, deploy these to the owa-snapshots repository in our Maven Repo / Artifactory
  4. Deploy releases to Maven Repo / Artifactory when new releases are published in Github

You can see the jobs here:


Testing is still active on this. Feedback and contributions welcome.

I’d like to scale this out to other OWA repos in the next week, so if anything seems wrong about this process, please reach out.

@ibacher / @mogoodrich / @burke FYI


Not having heard anything negative on this thread, I’ve gone and applied this same approach to the openmrs-owa-labworkflow. Should be straightforward to apply this to all other owa repositories as and when needed - I don’t have immediate plans to tackle this.