New Order Type - Throws Exception while saving

When a new order_type is created and mapped it to a new concept class so that it appears in “Orders” under “Consultation” as shown in the image (List of Consultants) it loads the page properly but throws exception while on this line

OpenMRS settings as mentioned here -

Created the required rows in mySQL image

What is it that is missing on this Wiki Page to set up new order type that the code is throwing exception?


@ramashish I finally got a chance to look into this. The wiki page was missing that you need to also set the java_class_name column of the order_type table to org.openmrs.Order. I have updated the SQL snippet in the wiki page now, and I verified in my local install that by setting this I am able to save orders for a new order type.

Please try this out and confirm that it works, and that the wiki docs are now correct.

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@ramashish sorry for bothering you! I just need to know whether sales orders are generated for you new orders under consultation panel. If so can I please know the process? thank you