New option to release scripts to skip tests


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We now have an option to the release scripts, ‘-s’, to skip tests in maven release:prepare and release:perform.

It runs maven with ‘-DskipTests’.

… That’s all!

release-scripts/ \
  -r "${bamboo.maven.release.version}" \
  -d "${bamboo.maven.development.version}" \

Does this skip tests on both prepare and perform? (It might be nice to run the tests on prepare, but skip them on perform, as our default behavior.)

Right now, yes, skip tests in both prepare and perform.

Default behaviour is to run test in both.

So I suppose what you are suggesting is that default behaviour would be tests only in prepare, with an option to skip them altogether? Would we ever need an option to reenable tests in perform?

I would go for fixing or ignoring the randomly failing tests. :smile:

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