New OpenMRS LinkedIn Logo 'streched'

The OpenMRS logo on LinkedIn seems to have changed but it looks extremely tacky when seen on someone’s profile. Here’s how it looks currently. I really feel we should fix it.

I’m not sure who’s in charge but @burke, @jeffneiman maybe you guys could help fix this?

Whoops, I see what you mean now…

@burke Maybe we can consider using a version for square frames? Like this:

This is a mockup, not intended to be used. Technically, it violates our Logo Policy to modify it like this, so I’m not sure if we should even entertain the idea.

It seems the preview doesn’t zoom out but streched the image. Sound using the logo only like before violate the logo policy?

I’m looking through other companies that I’ve personally created pages for and comparing them to other company’s pages, and my guess is that this logo wasn’t properly fitted into a square art board.

I can’t say for sure though because I wasn’t the one to upload the image; however it does appear to have zero padding between the logo and the border which might be causing the problem. Let’s see if @burke has any insight.

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I’d just use our cross (the logo) without the name. I didn’t set up OpenMRS in LinkedIn. Not sure who did. I don’t have any access to it.

If you’re 1st degree connections with the admin, you can request admin access.

Not sure why you or @paul weren’t given Admin access immediately when the page was created, but I’d imagine one of you is connected with whoever created it and can request admin access. See the article below for more info!

Still working on this. I don’t have admin access and the ability to request access is not currently available. I’m checking with @paul. If he doesn’t have access, I’ll raise a support request with LinkedIn to get access.

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@burke It seems that LinkedIn fixed it in some sense. This is how the logo looks now

Maybe you could check your LinkedIn account yourself and see this looks alright. If it then the matter is resolved already!