New OCL Feature - OpenMRS Cascade!

Have you ever wanted to add an entire CIEL labset into your own collection? If so, we have a new feature in OCL TermBrowser for you! Previously, getting all the concepts and mappings from a labset, convenience set, etc. was a manual process, and sometimes you would not get all the concepts and mappings you wanted. Now, there is the OpenMRS Cascade!

In OCL TermBrowser, when you add concept(s) to your collection (see image 1), you will now get a fourth cascade option that should be useful for OpenMRS users (see image 2). This new option works really well with CIEL lab sets, convenience sets, question/answer sets, and more because it’ll get concepts and mappings for all concepts that are contained in the set (as long as they’re related either by Q-AND-A or CONCEPT-SET).

See image 3 for an example collection, which brought in all of CIEL’s concepts for Coomb’s test in just one click. You can see that we brought in the concepts for the lab set, the individual lab tests, and the possible test results for the labs. And each concept will show all of CIEL’s mappings too!

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