New Module versions are not Released to Addons Repository

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Hi @cintiadr , Apparently, module versions released to maven , are no longer updated/released into our addons repository.

An example is i released Growth Charts 2.1.0, butthe latest version doesnt reflect into addons

other modules like coreapps 1.25.0 and Metadatsharing 1.6.0 were released by @mogoodrich , but the latest released versions do to reflect in the addons repo .

I tried re-running the addon-index Bamboo plan , but no change. Could there be Any cause for this ??

What’s the expected behaviour? Note, I cannot guess how exactly the addons server works, it’s really important that you explain what’s the expected behaviour and how it works.

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usually , when one releases a new version from bamboo , the version is released both to Jfrog and addons , at the same time. That s what i would expect .

So, I didn’t implement add-ons and I don’t have any knowledge how it works. The code is in our github and I assume the docs are either in the README or the wiki.

What I know is that when we do a release from bamboo, it will only deploy to jfrog. I don’t know how things go from jfrog to addons. Are you able to find any documentation about it?

Recently whenever i did a release from Bamboo , it was deployed both to bamboo and addons ,

Let e try to find a documentation

Releases from bamboo will only do a maven release, which I’m sure it will only deploy to the maven repository.

Now I don’t know how addons detect new releases.

So, following the docs, this is the list of addons we have:

  • Growth Chart is coming from bintray openmrs/omod/growthchart
  • Coreapps is coming from bintray openmrs/omod/coreapps
  • metadatasharing is coming from bintray openmrs/omod/metadatasharing

Now, I don’t really know when or how the data is transfered between bintray and jfrog. Can you confirm to me those packages are in bintray?

Also, I’d kindly ask you to not deploy anything to production if you don’t understand the consequences or you cannot fix if there’s a problem.

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Yes they are there , but still not updated as per the latest versions.

So those specific packages are not in bintray?

On that case, I will raise a support ticket to jfrog

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Did we confirm that this is a problem with jfrog?

Most probably , because the JFROG support team promised to help , though the problem is not yet addressed
cc @cintiadr

I don’t think that’s necessary true.

We know that some point after the 4th December, the integration between Jfrog and bintray stopped working. There’s nothing obvious on the JFrog screens, nothing in the documentation to let us know how to proceed.

So I raised a ticket with Jfrog asking for help to understand why their product is not doing what I thought it’s supposed to work.

We got just an automated message so far, but I believe support will eventually help. Might be a configuration problem, might be anything, but it’s nothing I know how to solve.

This, sometimes makes me miss our good old module repository, which we had full control of. :expressionless:

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very true :slightly_smiling_face:

That wouldn’t help us at all.

The repository gave us quite some trouble, and it’s currently working as expected. We didn’t have bintray automatically deployed. Even if I could host both, I would still need to raise a support ticket to understand how the application works.

Did JFrog get back to us on this?

Can you confirm if the updates to the module versions are done automatically? I do not remember who used to manage this tool - was a GsOC project

I’ve been exchanging emails with JFrog support the whole week, and I don’t think they actually understand yet what’s the problem.

I discovered that an JFrog admin can login to the Jfrog UI and push artefacts to Bintray manually:

It works fine, it seems that only the automatic trigger is missing.

In this thread I’ve explained this is a JFrog configuration that is not working, and I’ve been talking to JFrog support.

After several emails exchanged with them, it doesn’t seem they even understood the symptoms and they are quite fast to dismiss my reports.

I’m not confident this will be working any time soon.

What’s the main reason to have both bintray and addons?

We wanted to support a distributed ecosystem that allows people in the community to publish their OpenMRS add-ons wherever they want, as GitHub Releases, to Bintray, to Maven, etc. And then addons merely indexes them for easy searching, in one unified index. Hence making it easier for end-users to find relevant add-ons, and making it easier for developers to publish new releases in their preferred workflow.