New JIRA workflows now active

Continuing the discussion from Reorganizing Bahmni's JIRA workflows:

I have activated a new JIRA workflow for our project. Questions and comments can go in this thread. See:

Doing this revealed to me some things we need to clean up:

  • there are issues whose status and assignee don’t match
  • I think we have too many issues types (Bug, Defect, Feature, New Feature, Story). Admin link.
  • I have created a dashboard here listing some things to clean up.
  • Please log in and check out the issues assigned to you, and see if they’re in the right status.

Also, @sruti and @mksd, is the current Sprint (“Sprint 1”) being used? If so I’d like to rename it to “Community Development towards 0.91” or similar. If not, I’d like to remove it and create a new sprint with a name like that.

Thanks Darius.

Yes I think that ‘Sprint 1’ is used for the Bahmni 0.91 wall. @sruti will confirm as I think she did set it up.

@darius the filter behind this is private, could you share a public filter, or just an URL to the filtered list of issues?

I have made all filters used on both boards public. (Silly JIRA – I assumed that making a dashboard public would just work, but it seems I needed to share every individual filter.)

The product development board looks good. A few observations:

  • Should the ‘PR/CODE REVIEW’ column be shifted to the right, to come after the ‘IN PROGRESS’ column?
  • Would the Unassigned issues swimlane be better placed below the other swimlanes? Please ignore this if it’s an intentional preference, I just found there was quite a bit of down-scrolling needed to see who is working on what (i.e. active and assigned issues).

Oops, I just fixed that.

It wasn’t really intentional so I switched it to put assigned issues on top. (I might get rid of the swimlanes entirely, we’ll see.)