New Ideas for new OPENMRS

Hi everyone. I have some informations it will help us to improve OPENMRS.

This list: 1- MAR Medication Administration Record. 2 - Orders Management. 3 - Vital Management. 4 - Laboratory Management. 5 - Echart. I will help anyone who develop these modules information and also money. I will support OPENMRS.

Thank you.

Thanks for this @mangor unfortunately openmrs as whole have got all modules that you listed up and their functionalities,Am not sure of your use case of the modules that listed but if you got a different implementation from what we have, there is hope, you can take alook at the module from

Thanks @sharif this was helpful to me as well.

I didn’t see any modules I listed can you share it by links?

Try that,, however, we would like to hear from your use case thanks

I think it is not developed. I have all information about these modules Look like medication administration record

And orders modules These are new way to work in OPENMRS.

Thank you.

@mangor Thanks alot for wanting to make us better . Can you join us on the PM call Every Monday’s and Fully explain to us how you want to achieve this ? (6pm EAT)

Please add that to the OpenMRS Calender

@jennifer @herbert24 Do you think we can add this to Next Week’s PM Call Agenda

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@mangor We have a well customised HFE module where by you can customize your forms according to your needs, According to the picture you shared above, this is a form if am not mistaken which can be customized , the logic may vary according to the concepts required into the form if they are needed(but we go a full packed [CIEL]. ( HFE can be of help have a look [here] it ( it would be more better to explain the whole use case of your product and we seek for tools