New GCI tasks: OpenMRS Android Client?

I am a participant of GCI. I’ve had experience with developing Android apps. I hope there would be tasks about android just like those of iOS. @raff


Thanks for the suggestion @pwmvx1289. We’ll discuss among the mentors and add a task couple of weeks later, if there is enough interest. We already have a couple of Android clients though that connect with OpenMRS -

Hmm… @raff would you and/or @kkalfas have any minor tasks for the Android Client project, that you might want to delegate to some of our GCI students? Think about it and contact @sunbiz or @surangak offline. Thanks!

I think that i will find some tasks. We are planing to finally release 2.1.1 on Monday, so I’ll need to do an iteration planing. I’ll contact with them as soon as I create new tasks.


nice idea, its gonna be awesome for Mobility in OpenMRS from this GCI. +1

@kkalfas: Kamil would be great if you can make some low complexity tasks for these students, basically the students involved in GCI are kids around 13-17 ages, but not to mention about some students who are having really good skills in writing code. they might capable of solving some medium complexity problems too. So IMO good to have few medium complexity tasks too.

Btw I have involved in this task[1] which target to do yours Android like client for iOS. The results so far are really good, not very comprehensive and well architectured like your’s Android client but it just works well with some basic functionality. Documentation can be found here[2]. Just quoted this example to show you what are the tasks you can make to GCI students get involved to the Android client project. Thanks!

[1] [2]

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Unfortunately, I want be able to found any task for them. I’ll be out of office form 19.12 till January 5th 2015. After that, I’ll for sure give them some tasks.

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