New Features in OpenElis

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We have new requirement from one of our clients and would like to understand whether this requirement is currently being addressed by the community or thoughts on feasibility of addressing below ·

  • Auto Capture of the lab results into the system from the lab machines/analysers·

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Right now this is not feasible in openElis. Kindly go through a similar thread for understanding the discussions that happened around this sometime back.

Thank you Buvaneswari for the details. When we did some research on the OpenElis we found that latest version of the OpenElis is supporting the auto capture of lab results for the below Lab Analyzers

Supported lab devices in latest OpenELIS are , CobasC111 CobasIntegra400 CobasTaqMan48DBS FacsCalibur FacsCantoII FacsPresto SysmeXT SysmexXT4000i Sysmex2000i

Could you please let us know if any work or discussion happening in the community to upgrade BAHMNI with the latest version of the OpenELIS.

Thank you.

@tejakancherla - yes there are analysis happening but As of now, there is no immediate plans of upgrade.

The current version of Bahmni OpenELIS does not provide out-of-the-box integration to any analyzer. Bahmni is indeed exploring options to upgrade the LIMS but it will take quite some time since we are still at the initial stages of the analysis. Hence providing a timeline is difficult. @philanjoroge is leading the analysis for evaluating OpenELIS 2.0 as an option.

However, if we can get some hands to own this piece of work and contribute to the product, it will be a win-win situation. cc @angshuonline @pradiptakundu

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