New Feature: Simplified O3 Server Setup with OpenMRS SDK

We added a feature that allows you to set up O3 servers directly from the OpenMRS SDK. The SDK will take care of all the intricacies behind the scenes, leaving you with a smooth setup process.

We encourage you to test it out and share your insights on how we can refine it further, as well as any additional functionalities you’d like to see.

For comprehensive instructions on configuring O3 using the SDK, please refer to the documentation:

O3 Implementer Documentation: Set Up, Configure & Deploy - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

We appreciate you trying it out and sharing your input. Thank you!

cc: @dkayiwa, @ibacher, @mseaton, @jnsereko


thank you @wikumc for implementing in a short period :clap:

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Excellent work @wikumc! I have heard from @dkayiwa and @dennis that this significantly accelerated existing OMRS Implementers’ ability to get started with O3 during the hackathon day at the OMRS Conference in Abuja Nigeria earlier this month.

@mseaton and @slubwama I’m curious, would this help your teams in your O3 rollout planning?

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@grace if it gets to bundle distribution of backend and frontend that can be distributed in standalone environments. Yes. For now, we are using the support for the backend and quickly spinning up a backend support. however, when it comes to the front end, it spins up a build for devs but not a distributable front end.