New Feature: Push Notifications have been enabled

We now have push notifications for OpenMRS Talk!

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome Desktop/Mobile 50 and up
  • Firefox Desktop 44 and up

How to enable it


Is anybody using this? What’s your opinion on it? Like it? Hate it?

I believe, It worked before? Because some weeks ago I have already seen these notifications. Or you mean notifications, that available when browser is closed?

These are different. They’re actual push notifications. The previous ones required that your browser be open. These will actually not allow you to have both on at once. This uses the Google Cloud Messaging API; for Firefox users it uses Mozilla Push Services. Even if you do not have a tab open for Talk, you will still receive a Push notification on both Chrome and Firefox, given you meet the requirements I mentioned in the first post.

This feature is supported by the Discourse team.

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