New experimental Discourse feature: Fast Edit

FYI – I’ve enabled a new experimental feature in Discourse: Fast Edit, which was just added but is a cool new feature. This allows you to select text with a typo and quickly edit/correct it.

Enjoy fast edits… but remember for now it’s an experimental feature that could misbehave at times or might be taken away from us in the future. :slight_smile:


That’s cool, thanks @burke!

@burke maybe this would warrant another topic but it’s been hitching me for so long… Do you know if Discourse has some kind of “unread this message” or snooze feature?

@mksd There’s a hidden Discourse setting in your Preferences called “Enable defer to mark topics unread” which is apparently as close to a “Mark Unread” button as the Discourse devs are going to get.

Looks like its only enabled for users with a certain priviledge :slightly_smiling_face:

Are there posts you can edit that you cannot fast edit?

Makes sense ,
i can fast edit all those i can edit :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @ibacher, I did enable it tho

but I can’t see the new option in the UX…

Is there anything else to do, or is it a privilege that I’m missing?

@mksd All it does it add a button on the bottom of the UI for a thread (it’s a per-thread feature rather than a per-post feature) like this:

I don’t think you’re missing any privileges…

Mmm, I don’t see that button, what’s going on? I tried in incognito to no avail either.

Could you try it now?

PS That setting you checked is to enable the defer functionality for new users; you still need to click on the setting in your profile. It should be under Preferences > Interface.

Ah, thanks, I was just following this

For the record for others, it’s here at /u/<user id>/preferences/interface: