New Clinical Images Module

Module: Clinical Images [Download | GitHub | Video]

Module Version: 3.5

System Version: 1.9.7

Issue or Question: Just wanted to introduce Clinical Images Module to the OpenMRS Community. Organizing and visualizing clinical images is an important aspect of certain medical specialties such as dermatology. This module lets you upload images from file or webcam and visualize them in the patient chart. This module works with OpenMRS 2.x UI only. [Download | GitHub | Video]

What to expect in the future:

  • Annotate Histopathology Slides
  • Exif Tag Images
  • Basic Image Analysis

This is neat! How are the images stored in the OpenMRS database? Are they ‚Äúcomplex observations‚ÄĚ or are they their own thing?

Thank you, Darius. The images are not stored in the database. The images are uploaded to a system folder with a subfolder for each patient. (Similar approach to patientimage module). This may be less secure.

Planning to write metadata into the image file itself (EXIF) for easy sharing of images in the future. I have something similar as a stand-alone system here.

Any updates on this?.. This was a Brilliant Incentive and I would love to know if it is feasible to use in my android application.