New Changes to ID Dashboard with regards to new accounts

What does this mean for me?

Effective today (13 June 2016), all new users are by default not granted an account on Confluence. All access will be anonymous, that is you have no account associated. Similarly for jira all access will be anonymous. You are not granted access to login.

If you need access, open a helpdesk case and give us your OpenMRS ID. Please put “Confluence” and/or “JIRA” somewhere in the subject. We expect to automate this in the near future.

Why is this happening?

To stop the spam we’ve been dealing with as of late.

I have an OpenMRS ID, can I still post?

Yes, you can. This only applies to new accounts as of 04:50 ET.


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This is simply an announcement and is not meant for people to comment. Questions can be sent to the helpdesk at