New Bahmni changes

Hi all,

We have done a set of Bahmni customisations for a recent implementation at a Children’s Hospital. The development of these features are already completed.

Now, I would like to present these changes to Bahmni community for review, make necessary changes if any, and finally merge it to the master.

To make the process easier, I have put down the functionality and a bit of technical information in the document shared here.

Please review and let me know your comments- if this is good to go, or if you don’t want any feature to be in the master because it sounds very client specific, or if it’s good to go with some additional changes.

Let me know if you need further information. @angshuonline @pradiptakundu @jteich

Thanks and Regards, Arun Paul

Hi Arun,

Num 3 is cool, we can somehow eliminate a big bulky scanner.

I’d like to discuss more about number 11. Do it need a “heavy” customization on angular side, or just simple “conv set/json files” level customization?

Curently, I plan to manage the queue by creating different visit types based on the services, user then can choose to start visit based on visit type in the registration app (I still don’t know what to do for 2nd page of registration, since I move most of the part to the obs form).

The queue then will be displayed in the clinical part using custom sql queries involving location uuid ( one visit type for each location).

I am sure there’s a better way for this. Let us know the details of how your team implementing it for number 11.

Best regards,


Hello Arun

Can you bring this in one of the coming PAT calls. We have one every Wednesday Here is how you can join the call