Need to Upgrade ref app 2.10 to run on core version 2.2.1

Currently the reff app 2.10-SNAPSHOT runs on core version 2.2.0. I recently did some fix here in the Condtion feature ,but the changes required core version 2.2.1 . So idealy currently the Condition List feature doesnt work properly on core 2.2.0.

I would then propose we upgrade the core version of the entire reff app distribution.

cc @dkayiwa @mogoodrich

We have not yet released 2.2.1

so ,does that mean whoever will want to use the condition List feature would need to upgrade the core manually ??

In reference to your original post, it means that the reference application cannot be based on an unreleased version of the platform.

I personally think that Ref App 2.10.0 should run on Core 2.3.0.

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thats a good idea, i have personaly tried the reff app on core 2.3.0, but it wasnt very smooth, i had to do a few little changes

@mozzy am running the reference application on the master branch of the OpenMRS platform without any problems. So it should run perfectly fine on platform 2.3.0

Ensure that you are running the latest version of each module.

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Ya , that makes sense. Just that in the reff app distro , we arent running the latest vesions of some modules

@dkayiwa , so would you support we now switch to core 2.3.0 ??. i believe it also contains the changes that i need

Newer sounds better than older.

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@dkayiwa , this work here still only exists in 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT (ideally it would be 2.3.1-SNAPSHOT) because 2.3.0-beta was released. The condition feature greatly depends on that work there. So what should we do ??

You can back port it to the 2.3.x branch.

its already backported to 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT . oh i think i was mistaken above. we switch to 2.3.1-SNAPSHOT after a final version has been released (not just beta or alpha) ,right ?? . Then the final release will contain the above change. thats fine then

True dat!!!

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