Need to update the ''DWR in openmrs" Documentation

Am working on a ticket which requires a little work todo with thw DWR , and i was looking for the DWR config file.

According to the DWR documentation , the file is found here in the openmrs core , yet it was moved Here in the legacy UI

cc @dkayiwa @samuel34 @jwnasambu @tendomart

@jwnasambu Have you had a look at this ?

This is a wake up call. I have been directed on another page which is out dated too.

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ya , but here is the right link to the current DWR config file. it was moved to the legacy UI

where is the link?

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Thanks so much for pointing this out. Kindly attend the meeting at 4pm too.

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@irenyak1, i had already pointed it out :wink:

Julie wea exactly is the meeting … i mean on wc platform?

Uber conference, IRC ?? at 4pm EAT

ok …thats Uberconference

DWR is something we technically no longer use going forward.

Thanks @wyclif for the clarification.