Need new git repo for openmrs module smartcontainer

Hi, I am working on this issue, can you please create a new git repo under openmrs to help port this code?

OpenMRS ID - rajswarnam Module ID - openmrs-module-smartcontainer description - This module enables SMART apps in an OpenMRS installation

Created at:

Hi, I am getting permission error. Do I have the appropriate permission to push upstream? please let me know.

   C:\openmrs\openmrs-module-smartcontainer2>git push --set-upstream origin master
remote: Permission to openmrs/openmrs-module-smartcontainer.git denied to rajswa
fatal: unable to access '
r.git/': The requested URL returned error: 403

@rajswarnam, what is your github username? If you aren’t a /dev/3, then you will need to be added as a collaborator on the repo.

Thanks, for checking Burke Mamlin, I think Daniel Kayiwa added me as a collaborator.