Need help getting the currently logged in User

Hello everyone, Please, I need to get the currently logged in user that can be rendered on the standardEmrPage when that user is logged in. Does anyone know if there’s a REST API I can call to achieve this or is there any other means? Thanks.

Making a rest call to /ws/rest/v1/session should do it, if there’s an authenticated user, there will be a user field in the returned json.

I thought the standardEmrPage already displays the authenticated user, why would you include them again?

If you’re trying to replicate standardEmrPage from the appui module, you might want this:

However it would be nice to find a way to do this without requiring the appui module itself (since that also depends on the uiframework module, and if you’re writing an OWA it shouldn’t require uiframework).


Thank you very much for your response, I’ll try it asap.

Thanks a lot, @wyclif, I just tried the /sessions endpoint and it worked for me. I’m working on the new cohortbuilder owa so I needed it for the standardEmrPage Header. Thanks again

@fortune, btw in case it is helpful, I played around trying to reproduce the standandEmrPage using react + web services as a learning exercise a while back. You can see what I did here:



Thanks, @mseaton, I’ll check that out ASAP and if I have any further questions, I’ll reach out to you.

Can we get all the currently logged in Users using any API?

You call Context.getAuthenticatedUser()