Need guidance on Fingerprint module

Application Name: OpenMRS Standalone Version Number: 2.3.1

Question: Hello, I am interested in finding out about the module to help identify patient through biometric finger print. I searched and came across the registration module ( after uploading this module I could not find any links on the admin page for further guidance on biometric scan.

Also I would like to know what’s the deal with muzima finger print module? Why it is not listed on

Would appreciate if someone could provide guidance for the proper way to have the biometric scan integrated into the system. Thanks, Ahsun

What are you using it for

After the registration module installation, did you try these apps:

  • FingerprintMatcher is the matching service. Needs to be installed on the server-side as a Windows Service
  • Matcher (also called MatcherHelper in some places) is the application that listens on port to a matching request
  • PatientFingerprint is the front-end client application that enrolls, or identifies a patient and if matched opens the patient dashboard
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Hello @judy : I am in the process of evaluating openMRS and bio-metric identification of patients is very important.

@sunbiz: I was hoping there would be an openMRS module available for the bio-metric scan or at least a module which is actively developed. The SVN version seems to be outdated. would you agree?

@ahsun, yes it is not under active development, but I don’t think much has changed in the openmrs API that it wont work. The registration module basically creates a servlet (works on all OpenMRS versions) that listens to calls from the PatientFingerprint C# application. Sadly, its written against the DigitalPersona ID SDK. We can easily write against the Windows Biometric Framework these days and will work with a host of fingerprint devices. Please try and let me know if it doesn’t work. There is a good bit of code in there that could be reused for a general purpose WBF based solution. On the OpenMRS side, I think a servlet is all that you will still need.

hello @sunbiz to build fingerprint-apps you need more than one device? if yes which? if no where can i find dpfpo2mnet.dll i just have Digital Personna 4500B whith sdk ?