need free healthcare

Anyone can tell me which is best free software for healthcare center in PHP.

can i know why u are tied to just php?

Because we have php devloper team, No java developer here so for any changes if required we need software in php. Otherwise open Rs is good.


how hard is it to upgrade your developers to java if you are convinced OpenMRS is good and worth it?

@k.joseph He loves php. :rofl::rofl:

:grinning: , why the laugh ?? :grinning: is it a fuuny idea to love PHP ?? :smirk:

A merry Heart does good like Medicine.Is it bad for a dev to be happy once in a while ?

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: . let me join you i get the medicine too.

@jitendra if you guys are not satisfied with OpenEMR as linked by @dkayiwa and still opting for OpenMRS,then last option is level up to Java or harness OpenMRS’s REST services and build on top of that .

Thanks for all

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