Need for website logo similar to that of modulus

Hey guys , as you may have gathered from the discussions being held here : Replacing Modulus: Design Thoughts , plans are to replace OpenMRS modulus .Hence as part of the plan and after a discussion with @darius ,we have come across a need for a website logo . Could anyone help generate a logo? I do not have the necessary tools and hence haven’t done so .It’s supposed be a logo similar to the one at with the text add on modules written next to the OpenMRS logo. Please feel free to contact me for any further clarifications :slight_smile:

In other words, the existing module repository has this:

We need a replacement for this that says ADD ONS instead of MODULES.

This should be trivially easy for someone who knows how to work with Adobe Illustrator and/or PostScript files. (But that doesn’t include Reuben and I…) Basically you’d download the originals from add on the word ADD ONS and render this as a png.

@jeffneiman can you do this easily? Are there other volunteers you know of with this skillset?

Why not just use the OpenMRS logo and simple text – similar to what is done for OpenMRS Talk. Just re-use what we have for Modulus…

Actually Talk’s logo is a png including the word Talk. And there is value in having the logo be a single unit and not two different HTML elements.

If someone can create us an image as described, that would be great. (If not, we will seek alternatives.)

I tried doing that initially but then it becomes tough to keep them together always while resizing the screen so basically it won’t remain together on smaller screens and there is always a minor alignment issue like the text not always being exactly next to the middle portion of the image.Even a slight displacement causes it to look unprofessional.I also tried to align the two and then take a screenshot with that portion selected.Here again ,the dimensions are not perfect and hence isn’t a preferred way of doing it

Like this?

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Yes @jeffneiman .Thanks a lot for your help :grinning:@darius I guess this is exactly what we needed !

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Perfect, thanks Jeff!

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@jeffneiman actually, can you make one whose native size is much smaller? 40 pixels tall would be ideal.

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Preview on Mac does it easily, but I can get it to in 8 hours if it can wait. Sleep time!

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It can wait, no worries!

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LMK if you need any further modifications!