Need for better Play Store listing for Android Client

Hii, I went through OpenMRS Android Client play store listing and looking at the reviews I noticed most users are happy with our app but don’t know how to properly login into it.

It seems like many users aren’t aware with our authentication process, it would be better if we made the description more helpful for naive users, it will make their work easier and faster.

Thank You!

cc: @f4ww4z @suthagar23 @dkayiwa @dev2


You are right. :smiley:

Agreed, we may need to revamp the login page to include links for login help. Instead of just saying “Please contact the system administrator”

@prathamesh009 could you file an issue in JIRA for this?

Yes, I’ll do that :grin:

Done, here’s the issue:

Maybe we can add the demo credentials for guest users in the intro slides?

Great! Thanks :slight_smile:

How about pointing the default build to and providing the credentials in the overview for the app as well as what the user will see?

Maybe this is the time to have additional demo users other than admin - just a thought

Yes, sounds nice. :smiley: )

Made that ready for work. Thanks @prathamesh009 for the find!

I think we should show this as a button that pops up this info when clicked, in the first screen user sees (login screen).

Note everything’s already been described in the app’s user guide , so just need to link to it from the app.


@f4ww4z’s suggestion seems good. Linking the Getting Started section of the user guide in the button or a pop-up would be feasible.

This might make it a bit more complicated for new users to understand the app. I have seen some open-source projects have multiple demo users with different permissions, but they are only for development/testing purposes, not for the end user.

Are there any benefits of having additional demo users?

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