Need for a new scrum leader

After a wonderful time acting as the scrum master over the past month, I have come to the end of my apprenticeship program and hence, wouldn’t be able to actively participate in scrum regularly.

Kindly make sure you would be regular and on time for the meetings if you wish to volunteer as the members count on you to start the meeting :slight_smile:

cc: @dkayiwa @wyclif @tendomart @pkornowski @dserkowski @alalo @malmike @annette @jtrzebiatowski @irenyak1 @justmesam @ebuka @patrick @elbertbiggs360

@afrocode i wish

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@afrocode Can we have two?including me

oh there you go @jwnasambu

@tendomart its ok we can be two if given an opportunity

@afrocode Congratulations on completion of your apprenticeship program, i volunteer to be the next scrum master

Thanks for the good work @afrocode. I would wish to volunteer as the new scrum master

@jwnasambu Thanks for volunteering.

I am assuming you know how the scrum works but if you need any assistance, you can reach me on telegram.

@tendomart @ebuka @malmike Thanks guys for volunteering but seeing that @jwnasambu indicated first, you can have a discussion with her to see if taking turns would be feasible.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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@afrocode thanks for the opportunity given for sure i will need your help

@jwnasambu Please go through the following resources and feel free to ask for clarifications where need be.

How to Use IRC -

Daily Scrum Meeting -

@afrocode thanks

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Also you should join the scrum meeting today to experience first hand how it is held

Time: 3:30pm WAT (5:30PM EAT)

congrats @jwnasambu hope to see you there.

@jwnasambu It is going to be better if you take the lead today so I can guide you through it.

Also, what’s your user id on telegram ?

Thanks @afrocode for your time! And thanks to @jwnasambu for volunteering!

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@afrocode it would nice to give her the IRC commands for starting and ending the scrum

@wyclif Already sent her the commands.