Need clarification on how to use legacy UI when working on tickets

In the ticket i was working on:

i had to modify three files,, and moduleList.jsp. But now and moduleList.jsp have been moved to the legacy UI module. So i am confused if i am suppose to submit pull request to both openmrs-core and legacy UI.

Also how do i run legacy UI to see the changes i have made to the interface. Also i assumed it was suppose to have a .omod file like all openmrs modules but i looked in /openmrs-module-legacyui/omod/target and i couldn’t find any, so how do i run the legacy UI.

Also after running mvn jetty:run from openmrs-core/webapp in the browser all i get is a page showing the platform is running. In sumary, my problems are:

  1. If for a ticket i have to modify files in openmrs-core and legacy UI, do i submit pull request for both repositories?
  2. How do i see the changes i have made to the UI
  1. Yes submit a pull request to both.
  2. Compile the module and drop it in the modules folder that is used by your openmrs instance. Then go to the url that your changes affect.

@dkayiwa thanks

That ticket shouldn’t be ready for work and it isn’t part of the current sprint, please stop working on it. Sorry about that!

@wyclif thanks. I noticed it was not ready for work after i tried what @dkayiwa suggested. Because i was able to navigate to the page as he instructed but when i clicked any button on the page i get i get an exception.

Since i am bored i checked the sprint page to find something to do, i saw a lot of ready for work on stuffs i think have already been completed because i see the jsps have already been moved to the legacy UI.

I would love to help with the legacy UI, but the ticket descriptions give me very little to go with. For example when i see this ticket:

i assume the work needed is to move all jsps in WEB-INF/view/admin/forms to webapp/admin/forms, but i already see this in the legacy UI module.

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Though the jsps and controllers have been moved, the urls in these controllers need changes for them to work correctly. Take a look at the commits for the closed tickets and you will see the necessary changes. But if you try accessing the functionality in the browser, for a given ticket, and you see it working, then comment so on the ticket. But i doubt that is so. :slight_smile:

That ticket is a new feature and i wouldn’t want us to do it now, let’s just focus on moving things and add no new features