NeatBeans IDE Setup

Hi everyone. I am Ssebadduka Gilbert a new member of this exciting community. Am trying to setup my NetBeans development environment but am finding it hard because the link “” provided in the setup indicates no information available hence delaying my participation. I want to use NetBeans because its the one am well conversant with other than Eclipse. Any kind of help or suggestion is highly welcome. Thank you

@lgilbert, it seems that the documentation about using NetBeans with OpenMRS is very old, because most developers use IntelliJ or Eclipse.

We no longer use subversion; we moved to git years ago. OpenMRS core is hosted at

(Please do update the wiki page with improved instructions after you get things working.)

Thank you @darius for that update. i should then just switch to Eclipse

I imagine that it’s fine to use NetBeans, if that’s what you’re comfortable with. You just need to use Git, not Subversion.

Thank you @darius for your kind support could you please help mi out on how i should come along with that? Thank you.

I have never used NetBeans, but I assume that any Java IDE should support using Maven and Git in a straightforward way. You could google for “netbeans git maven”

The problem is now integrating OpenMRS code into NetBeans IDE. Thats the problem i am really finding. Any suggestion or idea @darius?

As I said, I have never used NetBeans, so my suggestion is that you should use google. Checking out code from github and building a maven project is a standard and common thing to do in the Java world, and you should find hundreds of google hits about this.

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Thank you at @darius, however i gave on netbeans for eclipse but am finding problems when running a maven install. am stack there, any help is welcome. thanks once again attached is the screenshot showing the errors am getting

Have you tried building the project on the command line first? And check if the build is successful before trying the IDE

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Not yet @wyclif. Could you please brief me on how i can achieve that? Thank you for support

@lgilbert, I suggest that you do some google searching and/or read some tutorials online about how to build a Maven project in Java. It will be key to understand that, in order to build OpenMRS.

(The command itself would be mvn clean install at the command line.)

i have tried google thou still failing, let mi keep trying. thank u @darius f

hello. i have tried all measures from google and youtube but the same problem is still occuring. am just stack:frowning: can anyone help? thanks

What is failing? Do you mean you can’t build the project on the command line with mvn clean install from the project root directory?

Hi all. am really happy and excited. my netbeans ide has finally worked out Thanks to the Almighty God. special thanks to @darius and @wyclif for your kind support. Thanks once again