National Wide Rollout of UgandaEMRPlus (O3 distro) in Uganda

The Uganda Ministry of Health (MOH) has embarked on the journey to digitalize 500 health facilities (regional referrals, general hospitals, HCIVs) with point of care EMRs. The focus is to have these facilities go less-paper/paperless by end of 2026.

One of the EMR that MOH is implementing in the HIV and TB clinics is UgandaEMR Plus (+); O3 distribution that is being supported by @METS; To view more about UgandaEMR+, watch video here

The MOH has directed @METS to rollout UgandaEMR+ to two (O2) high volume sites in Kampala and 8 Regional referral hospitals; these 10 facilities should run/demonstrate a less-paper/paper-less HIV and TB clinics by the end of 2024.

Following the MOH rollout plan for UgandaEMR+, @METS in collaboration with MOH and partners has started conducting trainings, upgrades and supporting facilities to have a functional UgandaEMR+ in the 10 facilities.

In this thread, we share with you the progress attained so far as we rollout UgandaEMR+.

Progress 1: In February 2024, METS receives official communication from MOH to support digitalization of 10 facilities with UgandaEMR+.

Progress 2: In March 2024, METS has conducted training and activated UgandaEMR+ for HIV and TB for 3 facilities (Kawaala HCIV, Kisenyi HCIV and Hoima RRH); the task of covering the remaining 7 is on-going.

Progress 3: A national coordination committee to oversee the rollout of UgandaEMR+ has been established; with representation from METS, MOH, facility administrators and Implementing partners.

Progress 4: A national EMR stakeholder’s meeting has been scheduled in April 2024 to train implementing partners to support upgrade of the existing 1,700 health facilities implementing UgandaEMR (ref App distro) to UgandaEMR+.

Below we share some pictures from the on-going digitalization efforts.

We shall continue to update the global community with progress made towards the implementation of UgandaEMR+. We thank OpenMRS for O3 and the continuous technical support rendered to UgandaEMR+ developers.

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Very exciting work. Thanks for sharing @jmpango kudos team


Congratulations @jmpango and team. It’s great to read about this accomplishment for Uganda and OpenMRS.


Great work indeed @jmpango


This is a phenomenal update @jmpango!! :trophy: :raised_hands:

Amazing news about all the national support you have garnered. :uganda: :100:

It’s especially a delight to see the photos from the training sessions - this really makes my day! :star2: Great to see you and your team in mid-training-action @mmwanje :muscle: :computer:

ICYMI Community: Definitely check out the demo video Jonathan linked in his post; it’s fantastic. Bravo to the whole UgandaEMR+ team. Your very hard work is paying off!


Congratulations @jmpango and the Ugandan MOH and teams! This is really outstanding. Looking forward to seeing the progress as you scale up.


UGEMR+ is a game changer in facility level data managment.