National Unique Patient Identifier

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I-TECH is supporting the MOH and in partnership with MOH partners, to pilot an implementation of unique patient identification in Homabay county. This project is building on top of the experience we got from the OEC project.

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Hello @wanyee
Can you describe steps to make fonctionnal the module fingerprintmanager in the reference application of OpenMRS?

Hello @kamdemclems

I haven’t seen that module at openmrs module repo neither have I seen it on openmrs github account, if you can point me where it is, I can be in a better position to advice. However, for any module that supports UI framework and app framework can be easily be intergarted with reference application. It is a matter of configuring your app descriptor(usually a json file is added in the apps folder in your web layer) that will hook that application on refApp. Let me or @wanyee know if you need more help.

Thank you for your reply @ningosi i have seen it at for the Kenya EMR distribution. Breaf i am looking for a module to implement Unique Identifier in OpenMRS and i found this post.

Ok. This seems to be a different system that cannot run on OpeMRS, it could be installed differently and interfaced later with OpenMRS. @gitahi86 and @gwasilwa can shed more light on that.

Thank you @ningosi I am waiting ! And with regard to ugandaemr-fingerprint can you explain me how it works? How to make it work?

I will let @ssmusoke and @carapai comment on this

Ok thank you for your quick reply. I am waiting. We want to build an EMR in our city and i want to build a demo locally. cc @ssmusoke, @carapai

Hello @ningosi, @carapai and @ssmusoke please can you reply ?