Naming Conventions

I’ll list my standards for how components of this project should be referred to. (I had hoped I could avoid it longer, but MOD-51 brought our naming scheme into question)

  • Modulus refers to the entire application (both the backend and frontend)
    • side note: I originally meant for Modulus to refer only to the backend, but this is not possible the way Modulus UI is named: the UI can’t be a subset of the backend.
  • Modulus UI refers to the frontend only
  • OpenMRS Modules refers to the service we provide at That service is powered by an application called Modulus.
    • “the OpenMRS Modules directory” is also a legitimate use of the name.
  • Modulus is capitalized as a proper noun. This was not the original grammar (check old versions of but should be encouraged.

The term “Module Repository” should not be used anywhere to refer to the application we’re developing (Modulus) nor the service we provide (OpenMRS Modules). This is for two reasons:

  • From an application side, there needs to be a clear distinction between the old Module Repository and Modulus, since the two have nothing in common.
  • From a user-side, “Module Repository” sounds a bit too-technical for what it offers (in my opinion). “OpenMRS Modules” also fits in with the names of other applications (OpenMRS Issues, OpenMRS Talk, etc.)

As @michael noted,

Zamboni : Modulus :: AMO : OpenMRS Modules :: :

This may get a little confusing, because HFE, REST Web Services, Reporting, Groovy, and Serialization are “OpenMRS Modules” as well. People trying to find information about Modulus will have to know it’s name to find it, because searching for “OpenMRS Modules”. Maybe you could use “OpenMRS Modules Service” or “OpenMRS Modules Project” within the wiki.

I agree with this chance for confusion.

On the first mention of the service, I have been saying/writing “the OpenMRS Modules directory”, or alternatively, “”. When following up in close proximity, I’ve used “OpenMRS Modules” (proper noun).

I’ve also used “MOO” but I’ve been known to often use those abbreviations: MOO, WOO, AOO, TOO, IOO (pronounced “eww”), COO. I don’t know if anyone else would get behind that as an internal nickname, though. :slight_smile:

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I agree with both of these usages.

However, I think another software packaging directory already has laid claims to cow references:

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And they’re milking them for all they can. :wink:

I know, my stupid jokes are an udder waste of time and the wurst you’ve heifer herd. I should go hide… or at least take stock in how much bull I’ve been oxen people to put up with.

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